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At D.J.Ken’s Mobile Music,service options are based on many years of entertainment experience making it easier for you to get the high quality results you deserve... after discussing your dreams and expectations, I will make it happen!

 We start with dependable equipment, add in the peace of mind you'll have by choosing a professional entertainer, and you have a recipe for success!.

 Be sure to read my article on How To Hire A DJ to see what Martha Stewart has to say about the importance of the entertainer you choose. (Hey, I wouldn't take Stock Market advice from her, but she DOES know how to throw a party!)  

There's an easy comparison chart of Features and Benefits, you can see what you get when you hire a Full-Time Professional.

I offer a whole library of fun and informative articles to assist you in planning that once-in-a-lifetime party, so browse around and enjoy yourself! 

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