Visit some of my friends! The first step in making your entertainment dreams come true! All your favorites and I take requests too! Contact me ANYTIME...Really, I mean it! E-Mail me 24/7/365, I'm always available for YOU! D.J. Ken's Mobile Music - Music - Costa Mesa, Ca U.S.A.

Hi there, I take great pride in my vast and varied music collection. I have music from the dawn of the recording industry all the way up to today's latest hits, I subscribe to the same music service that supplies your favorite radio stations, if you've heard it, I most likely have it!!!

 I have huge amounts of specialty and novelty music, for example; I can play over twelve hours of car related sngs for your Car Show without repeating a track! Want ethnic music? I have music from just about every Country on the planet, and will work with you to make your event everything you'd dreamed of!

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